Crigyll (Year 4)

Class teacher: Miss Rhian Angharad Hughes

PE: Our PE lesson is on a Wednesday.

Reading books - Your child will receive a reading book, which will stay in school for the time. (your child has access to ‘Reading Eggs’ to be able to practice his / her reading on-line at home. Links are also provided on the Google Classroom to various online books to read and listen to stories.)

Homework - Homework will be set for the children on a Friday and is expected to be completed by Tuesday. The work will be set on Google Classroom, but if there is any problem, your child will be able to receive a paper copy. I kindly ask for your support to ensure that your child completes the homework on time.

Help / Enquires - Please contact through ‘message’ on Classdojo.

Our theme:
Our theme this term is Marsh, River and Lake. We will learn about the history of flooding Capel Celyn, Bala. History that led to protesting and ensuring that no such decisions would happen again – ‘Cofiwn Dryweryn’. (We remember Trywern).
We will learn about the River Cefni, its features and its journey from the Cefni reservoir
to the sea.

In our Mathematics lessons, we place emphasis on developing mental maths, exercises on the four rules, thus developing the skills learned in our cross-curricular work.

We will reinforce and develop our linguistic skills in Welsh and English through various oral, reading and writing tasks.

The children lead and direct their learning and ideas which are presented in the 'Learning pathway'.

Pupils have the opportunity to stay physically and mentally healthy through PE lessons, SME sessions and Mindset lessons. In Music lessons they will be able to appreciate Music elements, convey their thoughts and express creatively through Art work.


I'm pleased to announce the members of our various school councils in our class.

School Council

  • Cyngor Ysgol
  • Cyngor Ysgol

Eco Council

  • Cyngor Eco
  • Cyngor Eco

Digital Council

  • Cyngor Digidol
  • Cyngor Digidol

Healthy Council

  • Cyngor Iach
  • Cyngor Iach

Promoting the Welsh Language Council

  • Cyngor Siarter Iaith
  • Cyngor Siarter Iaith

Playtime Friends Council

  • Cyngor Bydis Buarth
  • Cyngor Bydis Buarth


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